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An education professional once stated “it may be expensive to get a college education but even more expensive not to get one”. Postsecondary education and college degrees are now in greater demand than ever before. It is a long term investment that equates to more freedom, more jobs options, and more money. According to the Review Journal, their research indicates that by 2018, 60 percent of job openings will require a college education. 


Unfortunately, often times students enroll into college unprepared resulting to learning by trial and error. Ingenuity is designed to help urban youth develop the proper skills needed to successfully prepare for college. We carefully plan each student’s individual road maps, which encompasses the specific steps needed to successfully compete in global society. This roadmap will help develop students’ knowledge and ability to be prepared academically and obtain great careers.


We also offer trainings and developments for parents and guardians to help support their child in becoming college-ready. Some of the workshops topics include financial planning, college readiness 101, FAFSA completion and more.  


"K-12 education prepares you for today, but Ingenuity prepares you for your future!" 


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Is it ever too early for one to begin preparing for college? No. College preparation requires time, research, and personal awareness. One must gain an understanding of the purpose of going to college. Then one must decide what to study, where to go, how to apply, how to pay for it, and many other important questions that needs to be considered prior to enrolling into college.


Begin the process today, don’t let procrastination get in the way. Start preparing for college today with Ingenuity.   Click here to begin your application.


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